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North America: 888-353-7421
United Kingdom: +44 20 3608 6200
Australia: +61 281 034 306
International: +1 404-937-6345

Customer support is offered free to our customers. If requesting support via our toll-free phone additional products or services may be offered.

License Key Lookup:

Can’t find your license key? Use our online lookup:


I purchased Smart Privacy Cleaner but am being returned to the website to purchase the product again. 

Resolution: Please activate Smart Privacy Cleaner:
1. Open Smart Privacy Cleaner (Start -> Programs -> Smart Privacy Cleaner folder -> Smart Privacy Cleaner)
2. Click on the ‘i’ tab
3. Click Register
4. Enter the license key received via email
5. Click register

License key does not work. 

Resolution: Make sure you are entering your correct license key.
Receipt numbers are sometimes mistaken for license keys.
Please re-check your order information email for your correct license key.

Some helpful tips regarding your license key:
1. Copy (Ctrl + c) and paste (Ctrl + v) of your license key is recommended.
2. The correct license key format for Smart Privacy Cleaner is: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (five series of four characters).
3. Please note that any 0 in the license key is a zero.

How do I uninstall Smart Privacy Cleaner? 

1. Close Smart Privacy Cleaner (if open)
2. Click Start > Programs > Smart Privacy Cleaner
3. Click ‘Uninstall Smart Privacy Cleaner’
4. Click ‘Yes’ to continue with Uninstall and ‘OK’ when complete